EigenLayer Launches Stage 2 Testnet for Validators and Restackers

As part of the Stage 2 testnet launch, operators can now register to the network and commence validation for the first App-Verified State (AVS) – EigenDA.

EigenLayer, a leading blockchain protocol, has officially launched the Goerli testnet for EigenDA, signaling a significant advancement in its development journey toward the complete EigenLayer vision.

The release of Stage 2 follows the successful introduction of restaking on the mainnet Ethereum in June, which saw a robust response from the community. Security-focused jumps in Total Value Locked (TVL) caps have resulted in an impressive restaking of 170,000 ETH on the EigenLayer protocol. While caps on restaking of Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) remain in effect, EigenLayer plans to introduce additional supported LSTs in the coming months, along with continual increases and eventual removal of caps.

Stage 2 introduces several pivotal developments. Operators can now register to the network and commence validation for the first App-Verified State (AVS) – EigenDA. Restakers have the opportunity to delegate their stake to Operators, leveraging shared security with EigenDA. Additionally, Rollups can integrate with EigenDA to explore cost-effective, hyperscale throughput use cases.

It is crucial to note that the primary objectives of this testnet release are to rigorously test the protocol’s functionality, ensure security, and gather valuable feedback for further refinement. EigenLayer encourages active participation from the community, as user engagement will expedite progress towards the mainnet release.

EigenLayer has also provided an understanding of how operator, restaker, or AVS developer can engage either with the EigenLayer testnet or the EigenDA testnet.

Using the EigenLayer Testnet

The cutting-edge blockchain protocol has detailed the various components of its newly launched testnet, catering to restakers, operators, and App-Verified State (AVS) developers.

For Restakers: Restake & Delegate to an Operator

Restakers can actively participate by restaking Native Goerli ETH or Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs). Following the restaking process, they can seamlessly delegate to their preferred operator. Operators play a pivotal role in choosing the AVSs to support, offering restakers the opportunity to align their support with the desired AVSs. EigenDA stands as the exclusive AVS option for this testnet. Notably, restakers have the flexibility to easily undelegate their stake from any operator and redelegate it as needed.

For Operators: Register to EigenLayer

Operators can now engage with the EigenLayer network by registering through the Operator Command-Line Interface (CLI). The operator registration process is permissionless, welcoming a diverse range of participants, from individual stakers to large institutions. EigenLayer looks forward to fostering a dynamic and inclusive community of operators.

For AVS Developers: Explore Live AVS Code

AVS developers are encouraged to explore the first testnet example of an AVS, specifically EigenDA. Additionally, EigenLayer has introduced a demo AVS named “Incredible Squaring,” featuring sample onchain contracts and offchain node software. This comprehensive demonstration allows developers to gain insights into building their own AVSs, utilizing the provided examples as valuable learning resources. Furthermore, EigenLayer remains committed to supporting and empowering AVS developers throughout their exploration and development journey.

Using the EigenDA Testnet

EigenDA stands at the forefront, bestowing rollups with a revolutionary approach to cost-efficient and hyperscale-throughput data availability. Additionally, this transformative capability is underpinned by the collective cryptoeconomic security generously provided by EigenLayer restakers.

For the ongoing testnet phase, EigenLayer opts for a measured rollout strategy, carefully introducing EigenDA’s full feature set and functionality. The initial launch further targets a throughput of 1Mbps, facilitated by 30 operators. As the testnet progresses, EigenDA will incrementally scale its capabilities to achieve a target throughput of 10Mbps, with the active participation of a more extensive network of operators.

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