CZ says Binance.US needed new leadership amid ‘hostile’ regulatory environment

Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao took to social media to quell negative rumors related to the departure of Binance.US CEO Brian Shroder and said that the current regulatory challenges required new leadership for the exchange.

The Binance International CEO said the regulatory landscape in the U.S. is “rapidly evolving and increasingly hostile” toward the crypto industry, and Binance.US needs leadership that is equipped with the skills to navigate it.

Binance.US CEO replaced

CZ said that Shroder was appointed to fulfill responsibilities related to raising capital, improving product and service offerings, and solidifying internal processes. He added that Shroder played a crucial part in growing Binance.US’ market share and “helped to build a more resilient company for the benefit of customers.”

He added:

“Brian’s tenure was instrumental in making BinanceUS the powerhouse it is today. He took on the challenge of navigating a young company in a dynamic market and helped solidify our position as a leading crypto exchange in the U.S.”

CZ said that Shroder will be replaced by Norman Reed, who brings a wealth of experience from his former roles at the SEC, New York Fed, Ripple, and DTCC. This diverse experience uniquely positions him to lead Binance.US through the current maze of regulatory challenges and a rapidly evolving market.

Several top Binance.US executives, including the CEO and legal head, recently departed from the company. The company stated that these departures provide the platform with a significant financial runway for continued operations.

Regulatory issues

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently accused Binance.US of non-cooperation in a court filing dated Sept. 14. The SEC claims that Binance.US’s holding company, BAM Holdings, submitted 220 documents, primarily unmarked screenshots, and has failed to produce key witnesses.

The crypto exchange is also said to have redirected SEC inquiries about customer asset custody to an offshore custodian, Ceffu. It has been unclear about the role of Binance Entities in managing assets.

As a result, the SEC is seeking a court order to make Binance.US provide the necessary documents and is also asking for a 14-day extension for the discovery period. Binance.US previously tried to gain court protection against the SEC’s requests, labeling them as “troubling and inappropriate.”

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