Andreessen Horowitz to Raise $3.4B Fund for Crypto Startups

Andreessen Horowitz, to date, is arguably one of the most prolific investors in the blockchain space.

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) is reportedly planning to raise a $3.4 billion fund that will be designated for early-stage and seed-stage crypto businesses. The development was shared by Axios, which also cited other sources.

According to Axios, a16z, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm “plans to raise new growth, crypto and bio vehicles in 2025.” And, for what it’s worth, the intended raise is slightly above what the firm has done in similar efforts in the past.

Per Axios, Andreessen Horowitz is set to involve “limited partners to invest” in the new fund via a master vehicle. This vehicle will then feed into sub-funds, the report added. As of publication, the firm has yet to issue an official statement to confirm or deny the report.

Andreessen Horowitz Remains Relevant despite Fast-Falling VC Funding for Crypto

Andreessen Horowitz, to date, is arguably one of the most prolific investors in the blockchain space. Its contribution to big-name crypto projects such as Coinbase and MakerDAO is enough testament to the fact.

However, recently, crypto and blockchain-based companies have been seeing a reduced amount of venture capital flowing into them. To put the above statement into perspective, August marked the fourth consecutive month where venture funding invested into crypto dropped. The same month also recorded the lowest amount of funding since 2021.

Meanwhile, the reduced venture funding may be linked to the prolonged bear market that currently has a chokehold on the industry. However, the likes of Andreessen Horowitz are making no excuses as they continue to invest heavily in crypto.

The latest report only further establishes the firm’s resolve to foster innovation and facilitate the growth of the crypto industry. More so, given the prevailing conditions, the move further solidifies the positive belief that Andreessen Horowitz holds in the potential of blockchain technology.

On a broader note, venture funding of the crypto industry may gradually be picking up pace. And this might be related to the recent momentum seen in the crypto market. As Coinspeaker earlier reported, VC firm Blockchain Capital also recently announced a $580 million raise. The fund will be used to service two new crypto investment funds, according to the firm.

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